Samsung, Apple expected to release new products right on schedule

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 April 10 2020

The coronavirus pandemic has been affecting a lot of businesses, agencies, and communities all over the world. Almost all countries are badly hit although in many different ways. We’re not dwelling on the negative but after all these, we know the world will be changed. Hopefully, only for the better. And when it comes to technology, we know things will improve as a lot of problems are being identified. In the mobile industry, Samsung and Apple may still remain in their top rankings as they continue to work on new products and services.

During Q1 and also this Q2, a number of global events are canceled. The Mobile World Congress and the Google I/O 2020 are two major events that have been canceled already. A number of OEMs have launched new products online instead. As for Google, it’s also expected to roll out the new mid-range Pixel 4a phones online.

Samsung and Apple will also launch new products online. There may not be a delay as the two are set to launch new stuff right on schedule. The Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 and Samsung Galaxy Note 20 will be released in August. Samsung employees are working in offices and factories so the schedule and timeline are being followed.

As for Apple, most of its employees in Cupertino are already working from home. There may be a delay from Apple but we believe the company is working to follow the schedule as well.

Everything will really depend on how the situation will pan out in the coming months. Interestingly, Foxconn did assure the investors that it will try to ship the upcoming iPhone 12 in Fall. Let’s wait and see.

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