Samsung and SK Telecom join forces to develop 5G-enabled 8K TVs

Samsung and SK Telecom have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to “jointly develop and commercialize” the world’s first 5G-enabled 8K TV. Samsung already sells 8K TVs and is also a major player in the 5G market. Naturally, the company is looking to leverage its strengths to introduce another industry-first product.When launched, customers will be able to stream content from POOQ, an OTT subscription service, and Oksusu at 8K resolution on over SK Telecom’s 5G network. The South Korean telecom operator plans to deploy “Mobile Edge Computing and Network-Based Media Processing” to ensure seamless transmission of 8K content over its network.Both the companies also agreed to work together on SK Telecom’s hyper-space platform, eSpace, and 5G Sero TV – a 5G variant of Samsung’s vertical TV. 5G-enabled B2B solutions in areas of smart office and digital signage are also on the cards.“The 5G-8K TV is the culmination of ultra-low latency 5G networks combined with ultra-high definition TV technology. 5G technology will help make the world of hyper media a reality,” said Park Jin-hyo, Chief Technology Officer and Head of ICT R&D Center at SK Telecom.Samsung is not the only company interested in 5G-capable 8K TVs. Huawei is also reportedly planning to launch one later this year. We currently don’t know if Samsung’s offering will hit the market before that, but given that the Korean company already sells 8K TVs in the market, launching a 5G variant may not take that long.

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