Samsung and Marvell want to help network operators reach their 5G goals

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Samsung Electronics and Marvell Technology Group have shaken hands on a long-term 5G collaboration to innovate across more Radio Access Network (RAN) segments. They wish to offer cost-effective 5G infrastructures to network operators who are facing difficulties with the complexities surrounding higher spectrum frequencies, super low latencies, and MIMO antenna arrays.The two companies aim to speed up deployment times through highly-integrated solutions based on the OCETON Fusion platform and Samsung’s unique intellectual properties. Samsung is committed to helping mobile operators meet their performance targets said executive VP and head of R&D at Samsung Electronics’ Network Business.Samsung is betting big on 5G to improve its fortunes in 2020 as more countries continue to adopt the 5G standard. But Samsung is not the only company hoping to achieve this, and rivals like Huawei have performed better in Global Data’s 5G RAN evaluation published a month ago. Samsung scored only 3/5 points in the Installation Ease category, so perhaps the collaboration with Marvell will address some of Samsung’s shortcomings, leading to a better performance in the 5G space by the end of the year.Samsung has already secured 5G customers in key markets like Canada and the USA. It is now the 5G and LTE network solutions provider for U.S. Cellular, and last week, Samsung and Verizon have demonstrated peak speeds of 4.2 Gbps over 5G.

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