Samsung and iFixit announce Galaxy self-repair program

Samsung US will soon offer a new self-repair program for its Galaxy smartphones and tablets. Developed in collaboration with iFixit, the Galaxy self-repair program will give Samsung device owners access to spare parts, repair tools and guides on fixing their devices. The program will launch this summer covering the Galaxy S20 and Galaxy S21 series smartphones as well as the Galaxy Tab S7+ initially with plans to add more devices later on. It remains to be seen if the program will expand to more markets.

Samsung users will soon be able to fix their own phones

Samsung users will soon be able to fix their own phones

The devices confirmed at launch will get access to displays, back glass, and charge ports components. Battery replacements are not mentioned in the press release though Samsung US CEO confirmed to The Verge that display assemblies come attached with batteries which should simplify the repair process. Samsung will allow users to mail-in their old parts and will also take your broken parts for recycling. More details will be revealed when the program is ready to kick off.


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