Samsung AltZLife brings more privacy to Galaxy A51, A71 users in India

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Since smartphones are now basically an extension of us, there are some parts of it that you will not want others to have access to. If you live in India and you have or are planning to buy the Samsung Galaxy A51 or A71, you are in luck. An update to the two smartphones brings something they call AltZLife which is basically additional privacy features that can help you secure content on your device. Two features are highlighted: Quick Switch and Content Suggestions.

AltZLife is a Make for India innovation that is currently only available in that part of the world. Samsung says that they brought this feature because of the deep insights they got from the market, saying that users now are more concerned than ever about keeping some parts of their life private. Their survey in India showed that 79% of their Gen Z consumers had something they wanted to keep private from family members or other people who may have access to their phone.

Quick Switch will help you create a private version of the same app and then switch between them quickly. You will just have to double click the power button to switch between normal mode and private mode and vice versa. When you’re in normal mode and you switch to private, you will need to enter an authentication code that is different rom when you’re unlocking your device. But when you switch back, there is no authentication needed.

Meanwhile, Content Suggestions uses device-based AI so there is no content or data uploaded to the cloud or server. The AI-powered engine will suggest if you need to move a photo or video to your Secure Folder. You will need to select specific faces or a type of image that you want to tag as private. So when next your phone encounters that face or that type of media, it will suggest that you move them to your Secure Folder.

The AltZLife features are rolling out already as part of the update on the Galaxy A51 and Galaxy A71. No news yet if these will be available on other devices and elsewhere.

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