Samsung aims to release more customizable home appliances in the future

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Samsung is trying to find ways to cope with the consumer lifestyle changes that appeared with the COVID-19 pandemic. The company’s home appliance business chief, Lee Jae-Seung, said that the company now aims to become a lifestyle brand by releasing more customizable products.

The South Korean tech giant is recalibrating its strategies in the era of the pandemic as consumers try to become healthier and stay safe. These testing times have forced people to think differently, reuse living spaces, and change the way they operate and prioritize things. Lee claimed that the company is aligning its strategy for its digital appliance category and move beyond just manufacturing appliances. The company wants to become a truly consumer-centric lifestyle brand.

As people practice social distancing, the boundary between their spaces of relaxation and work is blurring. Consumers are repurposing their spaces to serve as multi-function spots. With that in mind, Samsung hinted that it would release more home appliances in its Project Prism. People can reflect their lifestyle and customize the colors, design, materials, and shapes of home appliances.

As of now, Samsung has launched refrigerators and laundry appliances under its Project Prism. The company is also upgrading its home appliance products with the latest AI, connected home, and IoT features to deliver better experiences amid the pandemic.

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