Samsung adds Weldbond as supplier as it widens glue use in smartphones

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Samsung has added Weldbond to its list of suppliers as it’s gradually adopting the use of more glue in smartphone assembly as opposed to double-sided tape, Korean media reports. Increased use of adhesive glue this year has seen all A and M series handsets abandon double-sided tape.

Meanwhile, Chinese company Weldbond’s CEO has stated that out of 700 million smartphones manufactured in China this year, some 500 million used Weldbond’s products.

The advantages of glue include reduced production costs thanks to less processing and the fact that glue can just be applied with dispensers while the tape’s backing must be disposed of. Additionally, tape takes up more space, while glue allows for even slimmer bezels.

Galaxy Note10+ and Note10 have already adopted adhesive glueGalaxy Note10+ and Note10 have already adopted adhesive glue

On the other hand, double-sided tape is easier to replace and has fared better in terms of waterproofing, though industry watchers claim glue has seen significant improvements in durability, waterproofing capabilities, and repairability.

It’s not just the A and M series that have been forgoing tape in favor of glue, either. The Note10 lineup followed suit, and it’s projected that the upcoming Galaxy S11 handsets will also use adhesive glue extensively.


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