Samsung adds 25 artworks from Etsy artists to The Frame Art Store

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Samsung’s been constantly enriching the user experience of The Frame owners with new digital art pieces every half a year or so. The platform introduced works from the State Hermitage Museum exactly one year ago, and back in May the company ran the #StayAtHome with Arts campaign which added 30 renowned works to the collection. Now, the latest addition to the Samsung Art Store brings 25 new works of nature-inspired art, in partnership with global marketplace for creative goods, Etsy.

The new art collection’s been made available via the Art Store for The Frame late last week and 25 new art pieces now complete the existing rich library of over 1,400 works. Unlike previous art pieces, the latest collection of 25 digital paintings were created in collaboration with Etsy, or more specifically, they were made by popular Etsy artists known to the global audience. Our partnership with Samsung will provide an entirely new avenue for these artists to bring their creative inspiration directly into homes for people around the world, says Kelly Clausen, Senior Director of Communications and Strategic Partnerships at Etsy.

The new digital art collection was created by five popular Etsy artists including Jorey Hurley, Elly Mackay, Melanie Mikecz, David Scheirer, and Mirlande Jean-Gilles. The collection comprises a mix of collages, whimsical graphics, and vivid illustrations, so there should be something interesting for everyone. As usual, the new gallery is available for download via The Frame’s Art Store.

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