Samsung Access program launched in the US, includes Microsoft 365 and Samsung Premium Care

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The Samsung Upgrade Program offers you a chance to upgrade your Galaxy smartphones to newer models by paying a low monthly fee. Now, the South Korean smartphone giant has launched a new program that offers even more benefits at a lower cost. Samsung Access can be viewed as an improved version of the Samsung Upgrade Program as it includes smartphone upgrades, Samsung Premium Care, and a Microsoft 365 subscription.Samsung Access is currently available while buying the Galaxy S20, Galaxy S20+, and the Galaxy S20 Ultra in the US. The program offers smartphone financing options through fixed monthly payments, and you can even upgrade to new Samsung phones every nine months at no additional cost. Upgrading earlier is also an option, but it attracts a $100 one-time fee.The program also includes Samsung Premium Care, which is the company’s insurance program that lets you get your accidentally broken phones repaired or replaced for a $99 deductible (for up to three times in 12 months). Samsung Access also offers a subscription to Microsoft 365, which includes access to 1TB OneDrive cloud storage and full access to Microsoft Office (Excel, Outlook, Powerpoint, Skype, Teams, and Word).The 1TB OneDrive cloud storage can be linked to your Samsung account to backup photos (and videos) and phone backups via Samsung Gallery and Samsung Cloud on Galaxy smartphones and tablets. To know more about the Samsung Access program, hit the source link below.The Samsung Access program is priced at $37/month for the Galaxy S20, $42/month for the Galaxy S20+, and $48/month for the Galaxy S20 Ultra. You can even cancel the program and return the phone after three months. If you want to cancel before three months, you can do that, too, but you would have to pay a $100 fee. This program is excellent for early adopters and those who upgrade their phones often.

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