SamMobile Podcast: A new episode is now out!

Our latest SamMobile Podcast episode is now out on YouTube and Spotify. For episode 3, we touched on a variety of recent topics from the world of Samsung, like QD-OLED display technology, One UI 5.0, and foldable devices in relationship with Android 12L.

SamMobile Podcast episode 3 also brings on a special guest — George Chachanidze from Snappy-Tech. And, by the way, this will be our podcast format moving forward, i.e., we’ll invite at least one new guest for every SamMobile Podcast episode, whether they’re members of the SamMobile team or special guests from other creative media outlets. So, there should be a lot of interesting stuff coming your way if you’re a Samsung fan or a mobile tech enthusiast, in general.

Check out our latest podcast (episode 3) in the links below, and likewise, if you missed the previous SamMobile Podcast episodes — the 2nd of which features special guest Tech Jamo — you can catch up on Spotify or our YouTube channel.

Our first podcast went live at the beginning of April. We mentioned before how SamMobile Podcast will be coming to more platforms soon, so stay tuned for more news on that front. Until then, make sure you throw us a follow if you don’t want to miss out on any future podcasts and special appearances from our guests.

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