Rumor: Samsung might be developing a Galaxy Fold Lite for under $1,100

As reported earlier this year, the follow-up to the Galaxy Fold is likely to be codenamed Win2 or Winner2. A device codenamed Winner2 5G also appears to be in development, but the exact nature of these seemingly foldable phones remains unclear. However, according to a Twitter rumor that may or may not be correct, the Winner2 codename might correspond to a so-called Galaxy Fold Lite 4G instead of an actual Galaxy Fold 2.Keep in mind that the following specifications are far from confirmed, so treat this bit of information for what it is.A Samsung Galaxy foldable for just under $1,100The so-called Galaxy Fold Lite 4G would aim to go on sale for $1,099, therefore the rumor claims that the device will be powered by a mix of different hardware components from 2018, 2019, and 2020. The display won’t benefit from UTG (Ultra Thin Glass), so it would be similar to the original Galaxy Fold’s in this regard.The rumor doesn’t touch on expandable storage, but it suggests the Galaxy Fold Lite 4G will have 256GB of built-in memory. A Snapdragon 865 may or may not be part of the package.Samsung would seemingly build this phone using aluminum and glass and equip it with a considerably smaller cover display compared to than of the Galaxy Fold. It would be more in line with the Galaxy Z Flip’s exterior display. Color options could include Mirror Black and Mirror Purple.We are unable to confirm at this time whether this rumor is correct, but assuming that there’s some truth to it, would you be interested in this so-called Galaxy Fold Lite 4G? The $1,099 price does make it sound appealing. Let us know in the comment section.

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