Rooted Pixel 3 phone can run Android 10 Rules, Routines

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So many things going on with the Pixel 4. Many of them are questionable but we’re not totally dismissing the Pixel 4 because it still is a decent smartphone. We like many of its new features albeit they need some improvements. Most Pixel 4 features and enhancements are still expected to come to older Pixel phones so you may want to think twice about upgrading especially if you’re trying to be wise with your expenses. Those Android 10 Rules/Routines from Pixel 4 are anticipated to arrive on old Pixel devices.

Enabling on Android 10 Rules/Routines on old Pixel models is possible as long as they are rooted. Any rooted Pixel phone can enable Android 10 rules on a Pixel 3 as noted by redditor u/rohanbathla007 who shared his experience. What he did was to manually enable the rules. He said he’s not sure if the steps will also work on other Pixel phones but everything worked on the Pixel 3.

Just make sure your Pixel 3 is rooted and do the following:

1. Go to /data/data/ folder using any file explorer.

2. When you see the file SettingsGoogleIntelligenceSharedPrefFile.xml, open it. Change flags value containing RoutinesPrototype in its name to true. Save the file

3. Force stop Settings and Settings Suggestion app from the Apps & Notifications menu.

4. Open Settings and search for rules. The rule menu must show up.

Under System, the changes will be seen inside settings. Just run the following commands from a terminal: (1) Run su to enable superuser and then (2) run pm enable

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