Roku Smart Soundbar and Wireless Subwoofer now up for pre-order

Soundbars are pretty nifty devices to have in your home as it doesn’t just serve as a speaker for your TV but it also is a smart speaker for all your connectivity needs. Roku is the latest brand to bring you a device like this with its newly announced Roku Smart Soundbar, which you can also accompany with a Wireless Subwoofer to complete your Roku media ecosystem. The two are now up for pre-order and will start shipping by October.

The Roku Smart Soundbar is actually powered by the Roku OS so it can give you streaming quality in HD, 4K UHD, and HDR. It has four premium drivers to give you quality sound as well as advanced volume modes and Automatic Volume Leveling to customize your listening experience. It also has a Night Mode that you can activate so it lowers the volume for scenes that are louder and then increases the volume for the quieter ones. Speech Clarity meanwhile will improve scenes that have some problems with intelligibility.

The soundbar has Roku Connect which will, well, connect you with the entire Roku ecosystem which should give you access to more than 500,000 movies and TV episodes. It also has support for Roku Search, Roku Voice, and Roku Voice Remote and can work with Google Assistant and is compatible with Alexa-enabled devices. It has Dolby Audio and can be connected through Bluetooth or HDMI Arc.

Meanwhile, the Roku Subwoofer is an optional device that you can add to your home entertainment system to give your movie or TV watching experience more powerful bass and a “thunderous response”. It can be easily set up since it’s wireless and comes with a 10-inch driver encased in a sealed cabinet design. You will be able to “expand the premium audio” of the Smart Soundbar to give you better, Theater-like viewing experience. Those who have Roku TV Wireless Speakers will eventually be compatible with the Wireless Subwoofer.

Both the Roku Smart Soundbar and the Roku Wireless Subwoofer are priced at $179.99 each. You can now pre-order them through and shipping starts in October where it will also be available in Best Buy.

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