RODE Wireless GO II microphone system debuts, now available

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RODE Wireless GO II

This is the first time we’re featuring anything from RODE. We may have mentioned some products before but we haven’t really give them our full attention. The latest from the brand is the RODE Wireless GO II which is a next-generation wireless audio accessory that is idea for vloggers and content creators. If you’re trying to be a YouTuber or a social media influencer, you can start by investing on good equipment. So you have the latest premium flagship phone or the newest camera, now go ahead and buy a mic.

It’s not enough that you know how to capture and edit great videos. It’s also important that the audio of each video you make is balanced and normalized. Believe it or not, it’s really not that easy to edit. The phone or camera’s mic won’t pick up everything. You need a real microphone.

No, you don’t need the bigger ones. You only need truly wireless microphone as it will serve you just fine. The RØDE Wireless GO II is described as an ultra-compact dual channel wireless microphone system. It’s also “extremely versatile” starting with its very small form factor, coupled with the professional sound quality it can record and delivery.

RODE’s original Wireless GO is a best-seller and we can expect this one to surpass the fist-gen. It still offers the clip-n-go experience that has truly helped a lot of content creators. It’s the smallest in the world. The new version will continue to capture sound for video as you intend to record the audio.

RODE Wireless GO II Features

RODE offers the Wireless GO II with the following: universal compatibility with most cameras and mobile devices, dual channel recording, on-board recording capabilities, and better transmission stability. It also boasts of a flexible gain control, safety channel, 3.5mm analog TRS output, USB-C and iOS digital audio output, new series IV 2.4GHz digital transmission with 128-bit encryption, on-board recording capability, mono or stereo recording modes, and built-in rechargeable lithium-ion batteries.

The RODE Wireless GO II will help deliver ultra-compact wireless audio, seamless connectivity, crystal-clear and professional sound, extended range of up to 200m, and more. Price is set at $299 (£279).

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