Ring Video Doorbell updated with Alexa Greetings, Motion Warnings

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Ring Video Doorbell Pro Alexa Greetings

The smart home arena will only further advance. The Jetsons-level may not be achieved anytime soon but we’re getting there…someday. For now, we’ll settle with simple gadgets and small assistants. The Ring Video Doorbell has proven to be really helpful. It has a number of challengers already but a recent update will probably make it better. More than just a smart doorbell, the device can now “talk” to whoever is at the door. A talking doorbell? It sure looks like it.

Ring Video Doorbell users will receive Smart Responses. This feature will include Quick Replies, Motion Warnings, and Alexa Greetings. Have Alexa greet your visitors. Alexa can ask first who is on the door or gather more information for you. It’s really like having your own personal host, only it’s a voice assistant that won’t be able to open a door or take your guest’s jacket.

Alexa can also ask if there is a delivery and if it needs a signature. Basically, you don’t really have to go to the door as Alexa can do the big tasks for you. It can also ask the person behind the door to leave a video message. You need a Ring Protect subscription to go with your Ring Video Doorbell Pro.

Ring Video Doorbell Smart Responses

You can access the Ring app right on your phone. Set up the Alexa Greetings and enable the feature. Head on to ‘Smart Responses’ menu. You may choose from the six preset quick replies or you can leave a personal message.

Another important feature is Motion Warnings. It tells your guests and visitors that they are being captured on video. When the camera detects motion, it will issue an alert. This is most useful as thieves and snoops may be deterred from doing all their plans.

The feature is available with the Ring Spotlight Cam Wired, Indoor Cam, and Floodlight Cam. Note that this particular feature doesn’t work with the newly released Ring Video Doorbell Wired version.

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