Report: Galaxy Note 10 cryptocurrency edition to launch in South Korea

Samsung is reportedly planning to release a Galaxy Note 10 cryptocurrency edition in collaboration with Kakao Corp. According to Cointelegraph citing a WSJ report, the Galaxy Note 10 variant will be marketed as the “KlaytnPhone.” The name stems from Kakao’s blockchain network called Klaytn which was introduced last October.The smartphone will offer various Klaytn features that promise to make blockchain technology easier to understand. In addition, the phone will reportedly ship with an unspecified amount of KLAY crypto tokens packed inside the cryptocurrency wallet. The so-called Galaxy Note 10 KlaytnPhone will only be sold in South Korea but the launch price is presently unknown. Nevertheless, if the report is accurate then the phone should launch on “Thursday.” It’s unclear if this means today or next week.Whether or not the Galaxy Note 10 KlaytnPhone is a real thing remains to be seen, but there’s no mystery that Samsung is invested in making cryptocurrency more accessible to its customers. Last month, Samsung added support for Bitcoin tokens to its Blockchain Keystore wallet, with the Blockchain Keystore SDK also supporting Ethereum and Klaytn tokens. We’ll keep you posted if we find out more about the KlaytnPhone. In the meantime, would you be interested in buying a Galaxy Note 10 edition geared towards cryptocurrency outside of South Korea? Let us know in the comment section.

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