Report: Galaxy Fold 2 to have clamshell design and lower price tag

As much as we love the design of the Galaxy Note 10 series, there’s no mystery that the true and tested candy bar form factor has become a bit boring in its ubiquity. This is one of the reasons why Samsung developed the Galaxy Fold: to create a new and exciting form factor for a new generation of mobile devices. The redesigned Galaxy Fold is going to launch this month, and fresh reports are offering more details on the Galaxy Fold’s successor, expected to launch early next month.The next Galaxy Fold will apparently boast a different, more square-ish form factor that should make it easier to carry around in one’s pocket. And to make sure that the phone’s design will appeal to a broader audience, Samsung is developing the sequel with help from fashion designer Thom Browne, according to a Bloomberg report.The Galaxy Fold 2 could fold vertically like a clamshellThe same report suggests that the Galaxy Fold 2 will feature a slightly smaller 6.7-inch foldable display which will fold on the inside. But unlike the Galaxy Fold, the sequel would have a squarish form factor when folded, and would turn into a device shaped much like a regular flagship once unfolded, similar to those Motorola Razr foldable phone concepts that have been flying around the web throughout the year. Or indeed, similar to Samsung’s own flip phone series commercialized in Asia, except it would have a large foldable panel on the inside.In essence, the Galaxy Fold 2 will no longer be a smartphone that can turn into a tablet, but rather a pocketable clamshell device that can turn into a more regular candy bar-shaped smartphone when unfolded. Aside from a more approachable design, the idea is to also make the device thinner and more affordable, however, its eventual release will be affected to a degree by the original Fold’s market performance.It could have less features but cost less than the OG FoldInterestingly, the aforementioned 6.7-inch foldable display will reportedly have a punch hole accommodating the front-facing camera, much like the Galaxy Note 10 series does. This means that the Fold 2 will no longer have a notch, and also implies that the sequel could have only one selfie camera instead of two.As for the exterior cameras, the Galaxy Fold 2 is said to have only two sensors, both of which would be located on the front-facing half of the phone, i.e., where the Cover Camera is currently positioned on the Galaxy Fold. These two sensors would face the user when the phone is folded shut, and act as the main rear-facing shooters when the device is unfolded. As we had exclusively revealed, the next Fold could also have lower internal storage out of the box.App Continuity to take a back seat?There’s no mention of the exterior display, but given the phone’s smaller footprint, it could lack one altogether, or sport a minimalist panel meant for notifications. There’s no telling how App Continuity would evolve with the Galaxy Fold 2, or even if this software feature, which is vital for the Galaxy Fold experience, will be needed for the sequel. If the exterior panel’s functionality will be limited to notifications and such, then App Continuity might no longer be required.Keep in mind that none of the information above is set in stone. Things can change even if we assume that the report is presently accurate. As mentioned above, the future of the foldable series will be dictated by the Galaxy Fold’s market performance in no small part. Therefore, Samsung could change its plans for the Galaxy Fold 2 at any moment. We’ll keep you posted as soon as we find out more. Until then, what’s your take on the idea that the Galaxy Fold 2 will have a clamshell foldable form factor and potentially fewer features in favor of a more accessible price point? Leave a comment below.

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