Refurbished Pixel 3 available on Google Store with lower price

Google has already discontinued the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL. We thought maybe the tech giant already sold out all Pixel 3 units. We remember saying it was probably also because the Pixel 4 series is available and Google started working on the Pixel 4a. This week, we’re learning some units are still available. Well, they’re not exactly brand new but refurbished units being sold officially by Google on the Google Store.

If you try searching for Pixel 3 on the Google Store, you will see results showing the flagship smartphone released in 2018. The price is now $249 (originally $799) which is a hundred bucks more affordable that the Pixel 4a which is $349.

The older flagship is cheaper but we can tell you the Pixel 4a is much more advanced in specs now. It’s basically the more affordable version of the Pixel 4. As for the Pixel 3, the offer is now for the 64GB model. Add $30 and you can get twice the storage–128GB for $279.

Color options are Clearly White and Just Black. The 128GB version is only available in Just Black. Note that the phone is ready unlocked. A one-year warranty is also offered.

While this is a good offer, you have to remember it may not get future upgrades. The software support promised will only last up to October 2021. You can still enjoy its features like the Pixel 3 cameras with Playground, enhanced Lens, Smart Compose, Screen Call, Super Res Zoom, on-device AI, and more. The phone isn’t perfect though with that memory management bug, overheating, phone shutting down while charging, and that flashing on ambient display.

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