Redmi Note 9 Pro Max release in India gets delayed

Xiaomi’s sub-brand unveiled the Redmi Note 9 Pro and Redmi Note 9 Pro Max a couple of weeks ago, and the Pro model has already undergone a very successful first online sale in India. The next one is coming on March 24.

On the other hand, the Redmi Note 9 Pro Max was initially supposed to be up for grabs on March 25. However, its first sale has now been delayed indefinitely. The sad news comes straight from Redmi’s official Indian Twitter account.

The company blames “recent state lockdowns across the Nation” for the worrying news. It says the release has been postponed to a later date, without providing any more details. Of course, it will announce the new date of the first sale before it commences, so stay tuned and we’ll update you on any developments. For now, it looks like the Note 9 Pro Max is out of reach still.

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