Redmi K30 Pro with completely transparent back spotted on Twitter

In the last two years, Xiaomi has released a semi-transparent back panel version of the Mi 8 and Mi 9 phones, calling them the Explorer Edition. For 2020 that very pattern has been ditched as Mi 10 won’t get an Explorer Edition version although the company did show-off a transparent back Mi 10 prototype a couple of months earlier. That has also not stopped Xiaomi from brining the cool prototype for experimentation to the Redmi brand for phone addicts to enjoy.

Daniel D, Senior Product Marketing Manager and global spokesperson for Xiaomi shared some pictures of the Redmi K30 Pro sporting the see-through back on Twitter. This time around, this look is achieved by swapping the back panel cover with a custom transparent glass panel.

Also, if you notice there is a small font size Redmi logo at the bottom. Interestingly, it actually shows all the bare internals of the phone unlike the Mi 8 and Mi 9, which showed semi-transparent dummy internals to make certain components look attractive. Daniel calls this device custom Redmi K30 Pro which indicates that it is indeed a prototype and won’t make it to the commercial blueprint.

It could be Redmi’s idea to analyze buyers’ interest for a smartphone with completely transparent back. Whatever is the purpose of this design, the phone looks cool and geeks will certainly fancy a smartphone like this one for its sheer looks. Whether such buyers would want a completely transparent look or a semi-transparent filtered color back is subjective and depends on personal taste.

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