Redmi K30 actually has two punch holes on its display

The Redmi K30 duo was officially announced earlier this week and are tasked with succeeding the highly popular K20/ Mi 9T series from earlier this year. Both new K-series members boast 6.67-inch IPS panels with 120Hz refresh rates and pill-shaped cutouts for the dual selfie cameras. In a new development, it seems the space between the two sensors is actually masked through software to display a black bar.

Redmi K30 dual punch hole display Redmi K30 dual punch hole display
Redmi K30 dual punch hole display

As per several Weibo posts, the software is masking the empty space between the two front cameras but when you go into the display options menu and choose to hide the cutout we can see the empty space for a brief moment. Other users have managed to force the display to completely ignore the space between the two snappers and permanently shows the dual punch-hole design.

As the K30 series is using LCD panels the black cutout would stick out depending on the lighting conditions as it cannot reproduce the deep black of AMOLED panels which do not light up the screen when displaying black colors. How do you feel about this dual punch-hole design? Let us know in the comments below.

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