Redmi K20 Pro gets durability tested on video

The Redmi K20 Pro has been out for quite some time now and received high praise for its combination of top tier specs and affordable pricing. Noted YouTuber Zack Nelson aka JerryRigEverything got hold of a unit and performed his signature durability test to see if the phone can take some abuse.

Starting with the screen durability test, the K20 Pro’s Gorilla Glass 5 display scratches at a level 6 on the Mohs hardness scale just like most other phones. The speaker grill on the top side is made from metal while the pop-up camera features a plastic construction and glass protection for the lens.

Despite some heavy abuse from the host, the pop-up camera survived and remained intact. As expected the sides of the device and all the buttons are made from aluminum while the back features the same Gorilla Glass 5 as the display. The phone also survives the display burn test flawlessly.

The optical fingerprint scanner still works even after it gets scratched by a level 7 mineral pick and all three cameras lenses on the back feature glass protection. It wouldn’t be a JerryRig video without the bend test, which the K20 Pro survives without a flinch solidifying its structural integrity.

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