Realme Watch S Pro official: Teaser images and video suggest launch is imminent

Realme’s first “premium and high-end” smartwatch is set to go live soon; the Realme S Watch Pro has been teased on Twitter through a series of images and a launch videos.

Those tweets, from the company’s vice president and CEO of Realme India & Europe, Madhav Sheth suggest that the launch is imminent, with a 00.00hr (no idea what time zone) event due to take place.

The follow up to the budget Realme Watch S, which went live last month, the Pro is set to add a stainless steel case and a larger AMOLED display to the mix.

The Realme Watch S Pro was actually first teased at its IFA 2020 presentation in September, where it stated a 2020 launch would happen.

However, with the standard Watch S being announced in November, it was assumed that the Pro might have to wait for 2021. But that’s evidently now no the case.

The Watch S switched from the square look on the original Realme Watch to a circular case design that’s made from an aluminium alloy. It’s not clear yet if the Pro version is simply the addition of stainless steel as a case option.

Front and centre of the non-Pro Watch S is a 1.3-inch, 360 x 360 touchscreen AMOLED display, combined with Corning Gorilla Glass, which uses an ambient light sensor to adjust brightness based on the lighting in your environment.

We’re hoping, based on online whispers, that the display is slightly larger for the Pro.

In terms of specs and features it’s likely it will at least match those of the Watch S, which include a 3-axis accelerometer, fitness tracking, sleep monitoring and sports tracking with 16 sports modes; including running, cycling, table tennis, basketball and indoor rowing and cycling.

The Watch S also boasts an optical heart rate sensor that can continuously measure heart rate, show you your resting heart rate and measure effort levels during workouts. That sensor can also be used to take blood oxygen measurements for another glimpse into your fitness levels.

The Watch S retails for around $100, we’d expect a Pro variant to add 25-50% on top of this price-tag.

We’ll update you as soon as we get official confirmation.

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