Razer announces new Kishi universal mobile game controller

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When it comes to gaming hardware, software, and services, Razer has claimed to ge the “undisputed innovation leader”. And at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show, they have introduced several new products that hopefully will put them even more at the forefront of cloud and mobile gaming. One of the things that they have announced is the Razer Kishi universal mobile game controller that can help turn your Android smartphone into a convenient mobile gaming device.

This universal controller is compatible with Android devices, unlike the Razer Junglecat that was targeted for Razer Phone 2 users. The Kishi controller supports low latency gameplay on compatible devices and has an ergonomic form with clickable analog controls and thumbsticks on both sides with a universal fit. You can connect it to your device through a hidden USB-C port that brings you ultra-low latency for native and cloud game control.

It also has a pass-through charging port that lets you charge it even when you’re using it to play your games. The Kishi controller was also created in partnership with Gamevice so it can be compatible with most Android smartphones, as long as it’s running on Android 7 Nougt and above. Razer boasts of latency-free connectivity so let’s see if there really isn’t any lag when you play your games on your device and use this controller.

Razer has also announced other gaming devices at the CES. You have the new Sia 5G Home Router, the Razer Tomahawk Gaming Desktop, and even a new Razer Eracing Simulator concept. However all these are created for home use but the Razer Kishi controller is meant for those who are playing games on their mobile device but would love to have a better experience.

The Razer Kishi universal mobile game controller will be available in early 2020. No pricing details have been released just yet.

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