Rare shares more insight into Everwild with a director’s commentary trailer

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Everwild Showcase ScreenshotSource: Xbox Game Studios

The mysterious Everwild is an upcoming title from Rare that we still don’t know a lot about. A new video from Rare has shed a bit more light on the title, with Executive Producer Louise O’Connor and Art Director Ryan Stevenson providing commentary on the trailer that was shared during the Xbox Games Showcase.

During the commentary, Stevenson and O’Connor share that player characters are called Eternals. Eternals have a special relationship with nature and connect with the animals in this world. Eternals also protect the flora and fauna from dangerous bug swarms that are carving out a path and eating everything in their way.

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Everwild does not currently have a release date or release window. Whenever it arrives, it’ll be available on Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S and PC. Like all Xbox Game Studios titles, it’ll launch through Xbox Game Pass on release.

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