Rainbow Six Siege next season titled ‘Operation Void Edge’

Ubisoft soon unveils the latest seasonal update for Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege, accompanied by plans for its Year 5 roadmap. With future plans for the hit tactical shooter scarce in early 2020, the unveiling will reveal an expected duo of new Operators, one multiplayer map, and other gameplay refinements. And while scheduled for a formal unveiling at the Six Invitational on February 16, we’ve now uncovered the official title for Year 5 Season 1, “Operation Void Edge.”

Updated February 10, 2020: Ubisoft has debuted its first Operation Void Edge teaser, confirming the season’s formal title ahead of the Six Invitational.

The first reference to Operation Void Edge surfaces through the Six Invitational companion app, outlining planned matches, panels, and activities on the ground at Place Bell, Montreal. Attendees can also get hands-on with the upcoming season throughout the weekend, as outlined by an in-app itinerary provided by Ubisoft. That schedule entry also provides a brief description, including Void Edge naming.

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While details on Operation Void Edge remain limited, reputable leaks allude to new attacking and defending Operators, retaining the familiar seasonal template. Void Edge’s defender will reportedly allow players to charge through soft walls, while their offensive counterpart will boast a deployable, controllable hologram. Additional sources suggest these Operators will be named Yana and Oryx, although with no formal teasers from Ubisoft, take such information lightly until reveal.

Rainbow Six Siege Year 5 allegedly packs a range of quality-of-life improvements, with leaks indicating a dedicated Replay Mode is in the pipeline, and map bans for competitive play. And with a tease of “extensive reworks” throughout the upcoming year, Tachanka could be due for a fiery upgrade.

Rainbow Six Siege Operation Void Edge makes its debut on February 16, scheduled for 3:30 PM ET / 12:30 PM PT. While Ubisoft rarely discusses planned release dates until ready for deployment, expect early March availability on live servers.

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