Rainbow Six Siege leaked footage details Splinter Cell and Thai Operators

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Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege soon receives its Operation Steel Wave update, our second milestone expansion for Year 5, headlined by new Operators Ace and Melusi. Ubisoft’s latest seasonal refresh looks set for release next week, featuring new hard-breaching and trap gadgetry, a map rework, and an extensive list of balancing amendments. But it’s not a Rainbow Six Siege season without leaks, now providing a deeper dive into the remainder of 2020.

Ubisoft has already outlined the foundations of Year 5, broken into two further seasons, likely gunning for September and December availability. Each update will feature just one playable Operator, as Ubisoft shifts sources toward broader gameplay features, coupled with new multiplayer maps. The first looks to be a Splinter Cell tie-in, with recent references to the signature Echelon unit.

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Current details surrounding Year 5 sit with infamous leakster Kormora, exhibiting an established track record over recent seasons. The ResetEra user has claimed Season 3 will feature a “crossover with a well known Ubi franchise,” including an Operator utilizing a “drilled camera that sees through walls.”

Our latest wave of Year 5 tidbits come via a bizzare video via Gamer Felonies on YouTube, featuring alleged footage of an internal Ubisoft build, with upcoming Season 3 and Season 4 Operators. The shaky camera-on-screen action is near-unwatchable, stitched with unbearable background music — but provides what looks to be our first glimpse of both personas.
Enduring those horrifying 20 minutes (seriously, don’t) appears to spotlight both upcoming Operators, internally codenamed Scout and Aruni. Next season’s Operator hails from the counterterrorism unit dubbed “ECH,” presumed to signify Splinter Cell’s Echelon agency. While gadget specifics remain hazy, the Operator appears capable of shooting cameras that drill through walls, with a fitting focus on surveillance. Scout also adopts the all-new SC3000X rifle as his primary, pulled from the Splinter Cell series, with the return of the MP7 and 5.7 USG.

We also receive an early look at Aruni, the presumed Thai Operator scheduled for Year 5 Season 4, likely targeting a release this holiday. The video thumbnail features an image of the post-game victory screen, providing our only sharp look at the Operator in-game.

The specifics of her referenced “Surya Gate” gadget remains less obvious, pitched as a “laser reinforcement,” deployable on doorways and windows like Castle. There’s also a prosthetic left arm in play, capable of opening barricades and hatches with one swing. Aruni may debut the first DMR on defense, too, equipped with the MK14 EBR from Dokkaebi, alongside the P10 RONI and PRB92.

The footage takes place on the new Chalet rework, currently targeting availability later this summer with the Year 5 Season 3 debut. The refreshed map includes a new visual palette, with adjustments to map flow to eliminate prior chokepoints. Reddit users /u/PapaCapinya rounded up the main developments, including a roof now accessible to attackers, a new staircase from Trophy to the floor above, and shakeups to the various exterior balconies.

Take all new details lightly around any unconfirmed content, as plans can and will change before release. However, the video provides an insight in what’s next headed to Rainbow Six Siege, including an anticipated crossover and two creative gadgets. Expect additional details surrounding Year 5 Season 3 over the coming months, following the release of Operation Steel Wave.

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