Rainbow Six Siege just had its best day ever on Steam

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege just clocked its all-time peak player count on Steam, reporting 178,419 concurrent players on February 22. With the Six Invitational 2020 newly wrapped, host to the calendar’s largest tournament and content unveilings, Ubisoft’s hit tactical shooter only continues to scale.

Details on Rainbow Six Siege’s player count come via Steam Charts, highlighting record usage on the premier PC marketplace. While also available via Ubisoft’s Uplay client and the Epic Games Store, it reflects a dominant segment of the PC audience. It comes as Ubisoft reports over 55 million players registered across PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC, with player engagement and regular spending on the rise.

The player count bests Ubisoft’s previous March 2018 record, host to the release of one of the game’s most substantial seasonal updates, Operation Chimera. The inclusion of a limited-time Outbreak mode drew 176,208 players simultaneously, presenting a high-stakes cooperative experience, even inspiring the upcoming game, Rainbow Six Quarantine.

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It’s unexpected timing for this peak, as Ubisoft winds down the “Road to S.I. 2020” event and first full-fledged Battle Pass, in preparation for its Year 5 kick-off with Operation Void Edge. That includes the addition of Iana and Oryx, two new playable Operators set to shake up gameplay in March, coupled with an Oregon map rework. And with more on the horizon for Year 5 and Year 6, it seems Ubisoft isn’t slowing down its hit of the generation.

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Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege

Addictive, challenging shooter action

Ubisoft’s hit shooter is hotter than ever, touting tense tactical gameplay, and regular free updates. Entering 2020 with millions of players, Rainbow Six isn’t slowing down.

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