Rainbow Six Siege hits record active players, boosting Ubisoft Q2 earnings

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege continues to prove its successes, positioned among Ubisoft’s top titles of the generation. The hit tactical shooter further scales via its tri-monthly updates, nearing half a decade of post-launch support. And with Ubisoft detailing its Q2 financials, Rainbow Six Siege retains dominance atop the publisher’s lineup.

Ubisoft reports record-high monthly active users (MAUs) amid Q2 earnings while surpassing 50 million players. It signals the game’s healthiest following to date, proving particularly valuable as Year 5 approaches. “The game passed the 50 million registered players mark in September and its solid momentum over the quarter was spurred by the July event Showdown and the new season Operation Ember Rise in September,” said Ubisoft Chief Financial Officer Frédérick Duguet.

Growth also pairs with higher year-over-year player recurring investment (PRI) as spending rises across the game ecosystem. The uptick covers sales of all digital items, including in-game cosmetics, annual passes, and other premium purchases.

Duguet specifically outlined the success of its ongoing Doktor’s Curse Halloween event, while framing its Battle Pass as vital moving forward. “The current Halloween event is seeing the strongest revenue-per-session ratio since the Outbreak expansion in March 2018 and a robust year-on-year engagement progression. We recently introduced the Mini Battle Pass and will launch the full version during an upcoming season.”

The publisher indicates a bright future for Rainbow Six Siege esports, illustrated with the recent Six Major Raleigh. The tournament saw a 27 percent increase in viewing hours, against the Six Major Paris 2018. The news drops as the Rainbow Six Pro League Finals makes an Asia debut next month, headed to Tokoname, Japan.

Ubisoft reports broader €334.1 million sales for the company in Q2, although down 9 percent year-over-year. Rainbow Six Siege played a decisive role in gains, alongside the return of Assassin’s Creed with Origins and Odyssey.

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Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege

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Ubisoft’s hit shooter is hotter than ever, touting tense tactical gameplay, and regular free updates. With millions of players in 2019, Rainbow Six isn’t slowing down.

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