Rainbow Six Siege gifts free Operators with ‘Holiday 2019 Pack’

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With Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege wrapping one of its best years to date, Ubisoft has dropped an unexpected gift to players booting up the game over the holiday season. The limited-time “Holiday 2019 Pack” spreads the festive spirit, randomly unlocking one of the now over 50 in-game Operators – or an exclusive skin for those with the full lineup.

Starting up Rainbow Six Siege on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC will automatically add the pack to your inventory, redeemable via the dedicated pack screen. Opening the drop will grant one unowned Operator from the roster, serving as the ideal opportunity to expand your arsenal. And for those with the full Operator set, Ubisoft will convert your pack into two exclusive cosmetic skins for Montagne (which we won’t share here to save the candy cane-clad surprise.)

It’s the second year Ubisoft has dished out free Operators for the holidays, although 2019 brings exclusive skins too, over last year’s 25,000 Renown bonus. It’s currently unclear how long the promotion will remain active, although 2018 saw players able to claim rewards from December 24 to January 1, 2019. Assuming a similar schedule, players have over one week to lock down the seasonal pack.

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Ubisoft’s hit shooter is hotter than ever, touting tense tactical gameplay, and regular free updates. With millions of players in 2019, Rainbow Six isn’t slowing down.

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