Rainbow Six Siege Ember Rise out now, 6 GB update required

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Ubisoft has dropped Rainbow Six Siege Ember Rise, the latest expansion for its hit tactical shooter. The Latin American update expands the Operator lineup with two fresh faces while revisiting a familiar locale. Free for all Rainbow Six Siege players on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC, it’s the latest of seasonal shake-ups for the multiplayer giant. After an hour of downtime, Ember Rise is now live on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

The focus of Ember Rise lies with Amaru and Goyo, the latest playable Operators, bringing new gadgets to attack and defend the objective. The agile Peruvian attacker uses a “Garra Hook” grappling device for traversal, while the “Volcan Shield” changes up the defense with fiery surprise. Both Operators are now available via seven-day Year 4 Pass early access, with a full public launch slated for September 18.

Ember Rise also packs a revamp of Kanal, switching up the existing arena to modern Siege standards. Interior adjustments expand rotations between complexes and reduce spawn peeking, setting out to improve competitive play. It also means a new coat of paint, embracing a more industrial style.

Players also see a variety of further refinements with Ember Rise, affecting existing content. The new Unranked playlist adopts a Ranked ruleset and map pool, now with reduced stakes. The Champions ranks also debuts, rewarding those above 5000 MMR with a pink-tinted badge. We also see loadout shakeups, new cosmetics, among other changes, as detailed in Ubisoft’s full patch notes.

In the meantime, Rainbow Six Siege is now available starting at $25 on Amazon, including the Ember Rise update.

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