Qualcomm Snapdragon X60 5G Modem-RF System ready to improve 5G

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Qualcomm Snapdragon X60 5G Modem-RF System

5G technology will improve further and become cheaper until the majority of mobile devices and networks all over the world receive it. At present, there are only a few 5G devices. More will be introduced. However, not many mobile networks offer 5G access. The likes of Qualcomm has been busy when it comes to 5G by launching new processors and modems. The latest from the company is this third-generation 5G Modem-RF System. The new modem is meant to enhance 5G performance globally.

Officially called as the Qualcomm Snapdragon X60 5G Modem-RF System, it’s the first in the world with 5nm 5G Baseband. It is also the first to join together 5G mmWave and Sub-6 Bands. The expected results are enhanced performance for mobile consumers and spectrum flexibility for most global operators.

The modem is said to work across all 5G bands and combinations. This modem is also a 5G modem-to-antenna solution that will enhance capacity and performance for every operator, as well as, increase 5G speeds of mobile devices. It will help “accelerate network transition to 5G” by allowing support “for any key spectrum band, mode or combination, along with 5G Voice-over-NR (VoNR) capabilities” as described.

Qualcomm President Cristiano Amon proudly said, “Qualcomm Technologies is at the heart of 5G launches globally with mobile operators and OEMs introducing 5G services and mobile devices at record pace. As 5G standalone networks are introduced in 2020, our third-generation 5G modem-RF platform brings extensive spectrum aggregation capabilities and options to fuel the rapid expansion of 5G rollouts while enhancing coverage, power efficiency and performance for mobile devices. We are excited about the fast adoption of 5G across geographies and the positive impact 5G is having on the user experience.”

The Snapdragon X60 modem offers many advantages. Expect low latency, fiber-like internet speeds, superior power efficiency, and all-day battery life. It follows the success of the Snapdragon X50 and X55 5G Modem-RF Systems but we can expect the X60 will surpass whatever the X50 and X55 can bring.

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