Qualcomm Snapdragon 768G mobile processor announced

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Qualcomm Snapdragon 768G Mobile Processor

There really is no taking a break for Qualcomm. The rest of the world may be on quarantine due to the pandemic coronavirus but the company continues to work on new chipsets. The latest from Qualcomm is the Snapdragon 768G that we earlier reported being available on the Redmi K30 5G Extreme Edition that recently launched in China. It’s a new mid-range chipset for mid-range devices. This one is more powerful though with the 5G support it brings to non-premium smartphones.

Over the weekend, Qualcomm officially announced the new Snapdragon 768G Mobile Platform. It already comes with the 5th-gen Artificial Intelligence (AI) Engine plus the Qualcomm Hexagon Processor. The SD 768G includes several improvements on Adren GPU and Kyro CPU form the previous SD 765G SoC.

Some are saying the Snapdragon 768G is just an overclocked Snapdragon 765G. Well, that’s good news for the mid-range market since the latter is already powerful. We can expect the new 768G will perform better. This one already comes with several Qualcomm Snapdragon Elite Gaming features.

The 5G support is promised as well. It will greatly benefit mobile gamers for there is added speed and less lag in real-time gameplay. The chipset offers immersive gaming, truly global 5G, 15% faster graphics rendering, 120Hz display support, and more seamless mobile experiences.

With the Snapdragon 768G by Qualcomm, a mid-ranger can take advantage of intelligent multi-camera capabilities, longer battery life, superior gaming performance, and 5G connectivity. This chipset can help solve the increasing demand for more affordable 5G phones. After the Redmi K30 5G Extreme Edition, we can expect other OEMs to use the new Snapdragon 768G on their mid-range phone offers.

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