Purple Galaxy S20+ BTS Edition has reached another European country

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It’s been two months since Samsung introduced the Galaxy S20+ BTS Edition to customers in select markets and the special edition device, along with Samsung itself, has enjoyed a lot of success on the back of this collaboration. Well, at least within the limits of availability, but availability is today’s main topic as the Galaxy S20+ BTS Edition has been released in another European country, namely Sweden.BTS ARMY members in Sweden, i.e. fans of the K-pop supergroup BTS, should now finally be able to buy the purple Galaxy S20+ edition from Samsung’s online shop. The device is now listed along with the standard variants, however, the product is not in stock at the time of writing. It’s unclear whether the first batch sold out in record time or if new stock will be added soon, so keep an eye on Samsung Sweden’s e-shop if you want to make the Galaxy S20+ BTS Edition yours as soon as possible.The phone costs about the same as the standard Galaxy S20+ but it is a little bit more expensive on account of it being a limited edition device. Customers who may want to buy the Galaxy S20+ BTS Edition up-front will have to pay 12,520 krona (1,208 euro), whereas the standard Galaxy S20+ costs 11,990 krona (1,157 euro). Prospective buyers can also choose to pay for the phone in 12 monthly installments each worth 1,043 krona (100 euro). The device has 5G connectivity with no option for LTE, and it’s available with 128GB of storage.

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