PUBG Mobile 0.19.0 patch rolled out with new map

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To enhance experience of gamers who play PUBG on smartphones and tablets, PUBG Mobile patch notes 0.19.0 is rolled out, which brings a new map called Livik, a host of other game teaks and bug fixes to the app. The map’s in beta at the moment and will continuously be modified and improved to enhance gameplay, but it is nonetheless a big revelation. The map includes new weapons, vehicles, and more to add to the fun.

Livik is a Nordic-style map, which is the first smaller map from PUBG team designed exclusively for mobile version of the battle royale game. The main objective of the map to is create a smaller landscape so that the matches can be finished in relatively shorter time (who’s in for the compromise).

PUBG Mobile will begin rolling out updates starting July 7. It will require approximately “1.84 GB of storage space on Android devices” – this will be slightly higher for iOS devices. The new Livik map was available in closed beta as “secret map” until now and with the update pushing out on the 7th, the map will be available for a wider audience.

Livik map measures 2 km × 2 km, which is much smaller than other PUBG maps. It will enable gamers to finish the game in about 15 minutes. According to the developers, the map is capped at 52 players for every game, which should in all likeliness make the gameplay more intense and better for mobile gamers.

To make the gameplay more engaging, the new map will include new weapons including the P90 SMG and the Marksman Rifle: Mk 12. Though the map is really small, it still has vehicles to take cover behind or rush to new locations. For this, developers have added a new monster truck to the map to join the Buggy, UAZ, and Bike already available.

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