PSA: Samsung didn’t remove Wi-Fi sharing over hotspot in One UI 2.0

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Samsung has started rolling out the Android 10-based One UI 2.0 update to its Galaxy devices since last month. Some of the users who received the update might have observed that the Wi-Fi sharing option is missing from the Mobile Hotspot toggle menu in the quick settings panel. While it is true Samsung has removed the shortcut, the functionality itself is not gone. The company has just buried the feature and made it a little difficult to discover in the latest version of One UI.You can still access the Wi-Fi sharing option in One UI 2.0 by long-pressing the Mobile Hotspot toggle and tapping the three dots on the top-right corner of the subsequent screen. Compared to the older shortcut, the new placement takes two additional taps to enable Wi-Fi sharing. It’s unclear why Samsung decided to make this seemingly inefficient UI tweak.

(Image on the left shows the Wi-Fi sharing shortcut in One UI 1.0/1.1, while the others show the placement of the same feature in One UI 1.5/2.0)Though many Galaxy users will encounter and possibly hate this change in One UI 2.0, Samsung appears to have implemented this with One UI 1.5 itself. Devices like the Galaxy Note 10 and the A50s, which launched with One UI 1.5 onboard, don’t have the Wi-Fi sharing shortcut even on Android Pie. So, this change will impact only those who are upgrading from One UI 1.0/1.1 to One UI 2.0.

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