PS5, Xbox Series X and S stock to go live again at Walmart

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Update: We’ve been seeing flickering stock for both Xbox Series S, while the Xbox Series X and PS5 appear to be sold out.

Walmart is getting next-gen consoles back in stock at 3 p.m. ET / 12 p.m. PT on Thursday, giving gaming fans yet another chance to maybe snag a console ahead of the holidays.

The U.S. retailer says that stock for both PS5s, the Xbox Series X, and the Xbox Series S will be available online only. The Xbox Series S is available for $299 and the Series X is available for $499. The regular PS5 is available for $499 while the PS5 Digital Edition will be up for $399. Walmart also notes if you’re able to grab one, it’ll arrive after Christmas Day. Better later than never, we suppose?

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A lot of the stock we’ve seen lately have been in the form of expensive bundles, so if you just want the base console with a controller, now is your chance. Get in before they sell out again! More stock of both next-gen consoles has hit the market in recent weeks, both from Sony and Microsoft and third-party retailers like Best Buy, Walmart, and Gamestop. Unfortunately, thanks to scalpers and the pandemic limiting in-person stock, all four consoles have been tough to find. Xbox CFO Tim Stuart even stated that users can expect shortages deep into 2021.

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Xbox Series S

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Microsoft serves the next-generation for less with its budget-friendly Xbox Series S. The console packs the same high-performance CPU and SSD technology as Xbox Series X, while scaling back the GPU and removing the disc drive.

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