Proton Calendar beta encrypted service now available on Android

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There are tons of calendar apps out there but there are probably just a few that can offer you a secure experience. We don’t think of security and privacy much when it comes to calendars but calendar apps have a lot of access to your device and information. The folks behind ProtonMail, one of the most secure email services out there, have recently released an encrypted calendar app. Proton Calendar is now finally available on Android devices even if it’s still on beta mode.

Just like ProtonMail and Proton Drive, you will get end-to-end encryption on the Proton Calendar app so all your information cannot be accessed by any third party, including Proton itself. It is the first encrypted calendar that is integrated with “a larger package of encrypted services”. All details like event title, description, location, and participants are encrypted on your device. This is important as most calendar services have access to a lot of your information and we don’t even realize it.

But aside from encryption, Proton Calendar has of course the usual calendar features that you expect. You can create, edit, view, and delete events on the app and manage up to 10 calendars. You can also make your events recur daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, or at custom intervals. You can also choose between dark mode and light mode but they are already automatically configured based on the system settings.

You can also add emojis to your events so it will be easier to see and identify them even without having to read the event title completely. You can also add a location and description to each event and set notification reminders as well. All the events that you edit and add on the Android app will be updated to the web app and vice versa. So everything you can do in calendar apps is also here, but the advantage is that it’s encrypted.

The Proton Calendar beta version is available in the Google Play Store. However, it’s only available for paid Proton users. No news if it there will be

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