Progressive Web Apps in Google Play can be monetized

If you’re a developer and are very serious in app development, you may probably be one of those that aim to come up with a great app or game that can make a lot of money. Of course, it’s not always the goal but nothing wrong with monetization. Times are tough especially these days. A lot of devs have already become millionaires because of their creations. In a span of one decade, we have tried countless of apps that have been proven to be genius-level, fun, and really helpful.

The Android team believes other app developers should be able to earn from their apps. It can be done through subscriptions, purchases, and ads. To earn, one’s app must be discovered.

It’s all about marketing. From development to being approved, one must strive to have the app discovered by more people.

App development has improved over the years. The Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) can also now be listed and found in the Google Play Store. The latest improvement is the fact the web developers can utilize Google Play payments in the PWA on Android devices and Chromebooks. With inclusion in Google Play, you can get more users as payments are easier to facilitate and are more secure.

Chromebooks have improved on running Android apps through the years. The Chromebook experience is better now that ever with new features and enhancements like searching for new web apps, Trusted Web Activity for listing PWAs, and curated suggestions in the Play Store. Some brands have seen positive results after the launch of their PWAS, seeing growth in the number of users, higher retention, and increase in in-app payments.

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