Production on Galaxy Note 10-like batteries for Galaxy S11 has begun

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ITM Semiconductor has reportedly begun shipping battery Protection Module Packages (PMP) for the Galaxy S11 series to Samsung Electronics, according to a recent report by South Korean news outlet The Elec. The modules have reportedly been packaged in Vietnam and they are said to be paired with battery cells supplied by LG Chem.In essence, this means that the Galaxy S11 series should use of the same type of batteries as the ones that power the Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10+. The technology will be the same but the capacities will likely differ. In contrast, the Galaxy S10 lineup features battery cells combined with Protection Circuit Modules. This solution requires more space, while Protection Module Packages allow smartphone batteries to decrease in size by up to 57%.The Galaxy S11 series will likely strike a balance between size and battery lifeEven though PMP solutions technically allow batteries to be up to 57% more efficient, that’s not to say that Samsung will push the Galaxy S11 to the absolute limit in this regard. In other words, don’t expect the Galaxy S11e to have a 4,867mAh battery that’s larger by 57% compared to the Galaxy S10e’s. Samsung will likely leverage the advantages of PMP to not only give the Galaxy S11 decent battery life but to also create a more compact design with thin bezels.In reality, the Galaxy S11e may end up being powered by a 3,800-3,900mAh battery, while the Galaxy S11 and Galaxy S11+ could rely on 4,300mAh and 5,000mAh units, respectively. These details have yet to be officially confirmed but the series is expected to be unveiled in the third week of February and we’re bound to find out more details by then.

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