Privacy Sandbox timeline updated, may be extended up to 2023

Google Android Privacy Sandbox

Back in February, we learned Google has started working on Privacy Sandbox. It was part of a major effort to improve privacy and tracking on Android. A few months later, we see the updated timeline for Privacy Sandbox milestones. The changes include a timeline to phase out support for third-party cookies on Chrome. The initiative’s goal is to come up with new technologies that can protect the privacy of people online. It also aims to provide devs and companies tools for digital businesses.

The Privacy Sandbox project isn’t over yet. It will take time before the ecosystem is ready. There will still be public discussions to ensure things are right.

The team is including publishers, advertisers, and regulators in the process. This is to ensure no business models are jeopardized. Google also wants to offer privacy-preserving technology that will ensure those cookies are not replaced with other forms of tracking.

There will be continuous effort to work with the community. This way, there are private approaches to things like ad measurement. Hopefully, the system and key technologies will be ready by next year. The developer community will then be encouraged to begin using them.

In Europe, Chrome could be phasing out third-party cookies by 2023 as per an agreement with United Kingdom’s Competition and Markets Authority (CMA). The team will work on the project and pass through several discussions and testing before being ready for adoption. We can see the results in Chrome and support for third party cookies is phased out. Stage 1 is set for late 2022 while Stage 2 will be mid 2023.

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