Prima Projector: Like a Smartphone that Projects 1080p up to 200 Inches

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What is Prima Projector? That was the question we kept asking about this next-gen pocket projector. Prima looks like a smartphone, runs like a smart TV, and projects like a full-on cinema.

Prima Projector may be hard to define, but that doesn’t have us complaining. This is one of the most compact and powerful pocket projectors we’ve come across. Plus, it’s actually portable (unlike those other “portable projectors” that fit into your pocket as easily as a PS5). 

Prima’s standout benefit is its full entertainment suite of features that includes the projection, the speakers, the media, and the connectivity you need for all your devices (including ports, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi).

And because Prima has its own Android-powered processor and internal memory, you really don’t need anything but the projector to watch movies, stream shows, game, download, surf the web, and even share media. It does it all. And it’s the size of an iPhone.

Prima is a next-gen projector (it even supports 4K and 3D video), so it’s not a bargain bin product. But, you can get one for 55% off during Prima’s New Year sale if you act quick. You’ll also get FREE shipping on top of that.

Let’s take a closer look at why this pocket projector has us so entranced.

It’s actually portable

Prima is the only portable projector we’ve used that’s actually pocket-friendly. There are no bulky parts and it’s not heavy. And, you don’t need to drag around cords and speakers to use it.

It’s the same size and weight as an iPhone 8, so you know you can pocket it without issues. Of course, the touchscreen can break about as easily as a phone screen, so you may not want to carry it around unless you need it. But it’s surprisingly durable and easy to take on the go. Even the lens (the most sensitive part) is inlaid to prevent damage and scuffing. Plus, you can always get a case for it.

Prima is easy to take anywhere, and because it has internal memory and speakers, you can even bring it to the great outdoors without a single accessory (though you might want a power bank).

It’s perfect for movie nights, work presentations, gaming with friends (on a massive 200-inch surface), and a lot more.

Touch screen ease

Another innovation we love is the smartphone-style touchscreen controls. It makes it a lot simpler than navigating menus with buttons or using clunky touchpads that feel like they’re from the 90s (which is standard in other projectors).

Prima is easy to control, which is good because there’s a lot you can do. From casting, pairing, surfing the web, navigating apps, and accessing settings, you can do it all with your thumb, just like you would on your phone.

200 inches of HD

200 inches isn’t the biggest you can get from a projector, but it’s about the biggest you can get from a projector that fits in your pocket. Prima’s wide-angle lens and auto-correcting projection were developed with DLP tech from Texas Instruments. Brighter, bigger, and clearer, DLP guarantees the best image quality in any environment.

For example, you’ll get 4x more brightness from Prima than you will from other similar projectors. That means you’ll get to experience true 1080p with striking colors and deep blacks. Other HD projectors are dim and don’t really justice to the 1080p name.

At 200 inches, you’ll be able to enjoy true cinema-quality viewing for movies and shows, and we won’t even get into gaming. It’s hard to describe how immersive gaming is at nearly 20 feet of HD projection.


The reason that Prima confused us about what it really was (a projector, phone, or smart TV?) is that it’s so powerful. It’s not just a medium for projecting your shows and movies or casting your apps. It shares the same powerful components as your phone and computer.

Prima has a quad-core Android processor built-in plus 8GB of internal memory. It’s compatible with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, and it’s got enough RAM to run any of the 3M+ apps from the Google Play store. You can download apps and software directly to the projector and work within it like you would a computer. This makes it a great collaborative tool for the office.

When you’re ready to relax, Prima looks just like your smart TV. The difference is that it’s a lot easier to cast and screen share, and you can take it anywhere.

Decent battery life

Battery life is always an issue in portable projectors, but Prima manages to hold its own. At 3 hours of playback, Prima’s battery is about as good as competitors’. But what’s impressive is that Prima is much smaller than other projectors. So, you get better portability without sacrificing battery life.

Another perk is that the battery drains very slowly when you’re not using Prima for video projection. If you use it for audio only (convenient for parties), the battery will last 30 hours. That’s longer than any Bluetooth speaker we’ve used.

When using Prima indoors, you can always connect it to a power source for unlimited playback. It also includes a wireless remote, making it a great alternative for an entertainment system in small apartments.

Cast and share

Prima is a great portable projector because it’s fun to take with you and use with friends. We’ve never had to spend time scratching our heads while setting up the projector and figuring out how to set the image and the audio. Prima has built-in screen sharing for Android and iOS devices, so you can mirror with a simple touch. And thanks to keystone angle auto-correction, your screen angle will automatically adjust to any surface. Casting is also super easy. You can cast from any device and enjoy your media and apps on Prima. This is especially convenient at work and when gaming with friends. You can connect your device via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or one of Prima’s many ports.

Prima: Next-Gen Projection at a Low Price (Limited Offer)

Have some Christmas cash to burn? Now is the best time to give yourself the gift of Prima. For a limited time, you can get 55% off a Prima Projector during Prima’s New Year sale. Plus, you’ll get FREE worldwide shipping on your projector. For bigger savings, you can also bundle Prima with accessories like a carrying case or a portable screen.

In total, you can save over $500 on Prima. But don’t wait. Once the sale is over and Prima goes global, you’ll have to pay a premium price. Get Prima now and pocket this cinematic entertainment system powered by Android.


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