Pre-order Galaxy S23 from T-Mobile for up to $1000 off

T-Mobile has also confirmed its Galaxy S23 pre-order deals and while it may not offer as much free stuff as Verizon, there’s still enough incentive there for Magenta’s customers to make the upgrade.

The carrier is playing up its superior 5G three-carrier aggregation network, which the Galaxy S23 series supports, as one of the reasons why customers should upgrade. It’s offering up to $1000 off any Galaxy S23 device to get you to do that.

T-Mobile wants you to buy a Galaxy S23 to enjoy its 5G network

T-Mobile customers can get a free Galaxy S23 or $800 off any device in the new lineup with eligible trade-in when adding a line on Magenta Max or up to $400 on the Galaxy S23 when adding a line on any plan. The device starts at $33.34 per month on T-Mobile’s payment plan.

With an eligible trade-in, customers can get a free Galaxy S23+ or up to $1000 off any device in the lineup with a new line on Magenta Max. They can also get up to $500 on the Galaxy S23+ with an eligible trade-in on any plan. The Galaxy S23+ and Galaxy S23 Ultra start at $41.67 per month and $50 per month on the payment plan.

All customers will also be given a free memory upgrade and this offer is valid during the pre-order period only. This means you could get a 512GB Galaxy S23+ for the price of the 256GB. T-Mobile has these devices in hantom Black, Cream, Green, and Lavender colors. Pre-orders are open today with the devices being released on February 17.

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