PowerPoint Presenter Coach now available on Android

Not everyone is a natural speaker and presenter but now in a world of online meetings and virtual conferences, most people need to hone up on that skill. Last year, Microsoft brought PowerPoint Presenter Coach to Office users and now, you can use the AI-based feature on your PowerPoint app on your Android device. It still has the same functions and features as the web version but this is if you’re more comfortable practicing presenting with your smartphone.

Basically, what your AI-based coach will do is help you become a better presenter by “listening” to you as you go through your PowerPoint as practice for the real thing. On the bottom half of the screen, you’ll see the feature’s on-screen guidance, telling you if you’re going too fast or if you’re using language that might be offensive or misconstrued, and if you’re using too many filler words.

After you finish your practice session, you will get a detailed report complete with metrics so you can use it as a guide to practice again. For some reason though, you can’t save the report on the app itself so you will have to take a screenshot of it if you want to save it. Otherwise, when you end the session or close the app, that report is forever gone. Hopefully in future updates, they’ll be able to do something about this.

To use this feature, open any PowerPoint on your Android smartphone or tablet (stand-alone or Office Mobile app) tap on the three dots and then tap “rehearse with coach”. When you’re ready to start, then tap the “start rehearsing” button. Office advises you to rehearse in a quiet place so the app will hear you clearly and also make sure your device is not on silent mode. Rehearse as if you’re already in front of an audience. Well, a digital audience for now.

PowerPoint Presenter Coach is now available for both desktop and mobile apps. However it can only detect English for now and no announcements have been made if it will expand to other languages as well.

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