Power Support CLAW For Stadia Controller listed on Google Store

Google Power Support CLAW For Stadia Controller

Now that Google Stadia is out, a lot of people are excited about the newest gaming platform. It’s been highly anticipated since the Stadia was announced back in March as a new cheat-proof, cloud-based video game platform by Google. A few months later, the Stadia controller went up for pre-order on the Google Store. It got us excited because the platform can support older Pixel phones like the Pixel 3 and Pixel 2, and multiplayer gaming. It may also hit Android TV next year via Android 11.

If you purchased the Google Stadia Controller, you may probably be excited about its arrival. It’s coming any day now. Check out the final day-one launch game line-up and decide what game you will play first. You may also want to buy this ahead: the Power Support CLAW For Stadia Controller.

The $14.99 accessory is listed on the Google Store (US). The item sill is coming soon but it will be ready to offer every player more comfortable and ergonomic gameplay all the time. What the holder does is support the device in a balanced and comfortable position.

The item is compatible with the Stadia Controller and numerous phone models. Clip the phone and start to enjoy game streaming. Using this will be more convenient for you.

Google Power Support CLAW For Stadia Controller

The Power Support CLAW For Stadia Controller is available in a black matte finish. It is made from a combination of Polycarbonate and Silicone so it’s durable. The phone holder extension height can go up to 3.19 inches. It weighs 36 g and measures 3.31-in x 0.98-in X 4.88-inch.

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