Possible Overwatch 2 hero talents leak, including zombies and jet pack cats

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The Overwatch community is currently buzzing around a potential Overwatch 2 leak from Twitter user Voporeon that includes hero talents for Overwatch heroes Brigitte and Moira. These abilities, if real, will be able to be used in the player-versus-enviornment (PvE) missions being included in Overwatch 2. According to Voporeon, these leaks came from a Facebook group; this source of information is questionable and thus, this may mean that the leak is fake. However, the hero overview screens themselves look like they could easily be real.

If this leak is true, it would mean that Brigitte and Moira would have some very interesting abilities. Brigitte would be able to give her team shielding, knock enemies very far away, shield her team with a shield the size of Reinhardt’s, and (most notably) call upon her cat Mitzi to fly around with a jet pack and provide assistance in battle. Meanwhile, Moira’s talents would give her the capability to act as a vampire of sorts, draining the life force of multiple enemies at once and using it to heal her team. She could also make multiple damage or healing orbs, too, and damage orbs would be able to trap foes and send them away from her teammates. Finally, she would be able to raise fallen foes as zombies that would help her team in combat.

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Overall, I think the leak is incredibly interesting, and it’s fun to think about how heroes like Brigitte and Moira can fit into cooperative missions regardless of whether this leak will end up being real or fake. What do you think? Let us know.

Overwatch 2 currently doesn’t have a release date, but you can get the original game now on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

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