Portable SSD T7 can now be pre-ordered but prices make little sense

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Samsung spilled the beans on its new fingerprint scannerless Portable SSD T7 a few weeks ago, and the external SSD in question has now been officially introduced in Germany where it’s available for pre-order for the starting price of 134.90 euros. More on that below.The Portable SSD T7 is essentially the same as the Portable SSD T7 Touch that was released roughly four months ago. It boasts data transfer rates of up to 1,050MB/s and AES 256-bit hardware encryption-based password protection. The two main differences lie in the new model’s lack of a fingerprint scanner and the different colors. The V-NAND NVMe SSD has overheating protection and a shockproof aluminum housing. It’s capable of surviving drops from a height of up to two meters.The Portable SSD T7 prices make little senseAccording to Samsung, the Portable SSD T7 closes the gap between the Portable SSD T5 and the T7 Touch, and this should mean it’s priced between the SSD T7 Touch and the SSD T5. However, this seems to apply only for the 500GB model, which is available for pre-order in Germany for 134.90 euros as opposed to the 144.89 euros price commanded by the SSD T7 Touch.Oddly enough, the 1TB and 2TB versions of the Portable SSD T7 are actually priced the same as the T7 Touch. Customers have to pay 214.90 euros for 1TB, and 404.90 euros for 2TB. In fact, the 2TB SSD T7 Touch is available for 1 euro less compared to the sensorless version.

As it stands, customers can save 10 euros when buying the 500GB model, but prospective buyers of the 1TB and 2TB sensorless variants would forego the fingerprint scanner without seemingly gaining anything in return. They do have three new color options to choose from including Indigo blue, Titan gray, and Metallic red, but other than that, hardware specifications are identical across the board (again, sans the fingerprint scanner). We’re unsure if this is a pricing error or a conscious choice by Samsung. In any case, you can check the links below if you want to pre-order the new SSD solution in Germany. The product will hit the shelves and ship on May 19.Pre-order the 500GB Portable SSD T7 from Samsung GermanyPre-order the 1TB Portable SSD T7 from Samsung GermanyPre-order the 2TB Portable SSD T7 from Samsung Germany

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