Popular PC shooter ‘CrossfireX’ gets Xbox One gameplay footage (update)

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Updated November 14, 2019: CrossfireX will be free-to-play on Xbox One, and even comes with a single-player campaign.

CrossfireX is an incredibly popular PC shooter that’s coming to Xbox One in 2020. According to the Microsoft Store description, the game delivers an intense first-person experience where players are immersed in a sprawling global conflict between two private militaries. You can pick a side and complete missions across a variety of multiplayer modes.

Remedy Entertainment — the makers of titles like Control and Quantum Break — is even writing a story for it. Given the fact that CrossfireX already takes place in a compelling world, it’ll be interesting to see what Remedy cooks up.

At X019, the game got its first even Xbox One footage. The title appears to be running on an Xbox One X and looks stunning. According to Microsoft, the game is targeting 4K resolution on the powerful console. We can’t wait to learn more about it and play it in 2020.

With over 650 million registered players over its 10-year history, CrossfireX is one of the most played PC games in the world. Hopefully, this success will translate to popularity on consoles.

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