[Poll] What’s your opinion of One UI 2.0? Do you like what you see?

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November 7 will mark the first anniversary One UI, the modern and intuitive user interface that can be found on all Galaxy smartphones and tablets running Android Pie and on Samsung’s latest wearables. It brought a major overhaul to the look and feel of the software on Samsung devices, along with plenty of new features. Samsung has added new features with minor upgrades to One UI since then, and the latest stable version of One UI is 1.5, as seen on the Galaxy Note 10 and some other new devices launched in the last couple of months.We had exclusively revealed that Android 10 would be accompanied by version 2.0 of One UI, and many of us have been using One UI 2.0 on our Galaxy S10s and Note 10s thanks to the One UI 2.0 beta program. It brings plenty of improvements to the user interface and adds some new features, and while things may change as the beta program continues, it’s safe to say that One UI 2.0 on the stable version of Android 10 for Galaxy devices will be pretty similar to what you can see on the Android 10 beta.To those who have been using One UI 2.0 on the Android 10 beta, we pose this question: Do you like what it has to offer? Do you feel One UI 2.0 makes enough changes to warrant all the anticipation, or were you expecting it to be a bigger update as far as all the improvements and new features are concerned? Vote in the poll below, then take to the comments section to discuss what you like or don’t like about One UI 2.0 in more detail.What’s your opinion of One UI 2.0? Do you like what you see?

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