[Poll] What is your favorite Galaxy Note 10 camera feature?

The Galaxy Note 10 and Galaxy Note 10+ are packed to the brim with new camera features that we hadn’t seen on any Galaxy flagship before. Well, some of them, like the ability to shoot bokeh videos with the Live focus video mode and make 3D scans of real-world objects, were possible on the Galaxy S10 5G thanks to its fourth rear camera, but they didn’t go mainstream until the Galaxy Note 10 duo came along. Other features, like AR Doodle or a Night mode for selfies and the telephoto rear camera, debuted on the Note 10/10+ before ultimately making their way to the Galaxy S10 lineup via a software update.The Galaxy Note 10/10+ also have this unique feature called Zoom-in Mic, which uses a mic hidden beneath the camera sensors to focus on sound coming from whatever it is the camera is zoomed into. Of course, if you’ve been rocking a Galaxy Note 10/10+, you would have noticed that not all of those camera features are truly useful in day-to-day life. But then again, having some functionality just for fun – a category that AR Doodle fits in perfectly – never hurt anybody, right? Having a boatload of features also means there’s something for everybody, and in our latest poll, our question to Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10+ owners is this: What’s your favorite camera feature?Vote in the poll below, then tell us in the comments section why you love a particular feature the most!What’s your favorite Galaxy Note 10 camera feature?

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